About Kevin Milner

Kevin Milner is a geophysicist, computer scientist, and musician living in Los Angeles, CA. He works for the U.S. Geological Survey and earned his PhD in Geological Sciences (Geophysics) from USC in 2020.

His primary research interest is probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA). He is the lead developer of OpenSHA, an open-source PSHA platform, and is a key contributor to the National Seismic Hazard Model. See recent publications and other work-related news here.

He is also an avid musician. His primary instruments are the pedal steel and lap steel guitars. He plays in many bands in the Los Angeles region, specializing in Americana and traditional country music. See recent recordings, videos, or other music-related news here.


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New album: Easy Now by Céleigh Chapman

My dear friend Céleigh Chapman just released a new EP, Easy Now. You can find it on Spotify or bandcamp. I play on tracks 4 and 5, “Too Much Sunshine” and “E...

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New album: Wash by Laureline

My friend Chris Rasmussen’s band Laureline just realeased a new album, Wash. He asked me to play steel on track 12, “Ladies’ Man,” which you can listen to on...

New album: Sunsinking by Sean Pawling

My good friend Sean Pawling just realeased a new album, Sunsinking. I had the pleasure of laying down some steel on track 11, Wait for the Silence. Give it a...

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Gun Hill Royals Sessions

Here is a collection of songs I’ve recorded with my friends Gun Hill Royals. Most are more Americana, though the first track below, Sun To Shine, has a stron...

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MPJTaskCalculator v1.1 Released

MPJTaskCalculator is a framework for executing predefined sets of independent parallel tasks in Java with MPJ (without having to write any MPI commands). Che...

Jam in the Van with Victoria Bailey

Sometime in September, 2017, I had the pleasure of performing 3 songs with the very talented Victoria Bailey for Jam In The Van. Check out the videos below!

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